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Above: From January 2009 Atoll have through Carbon Footprint TM purchased Carbon Offsets as a first stage of becoming carbon neutral and beginning the process of achieving 2 star Carbon Footprint TM Approved status.

Based on a business consumption by Atoll of 8.25 Tonnes* of Carbon, Carbon Offsets have been purchased from Tree Appeal, which will plant & grow 9 trees in Cheshire per annum from 2009. Tree Appeal uses the local knowledge and expertise of tree planting partners to ensure the right trees are planted in the appropriate places. All trees are planted in reserves and managed woodland were they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

*  Comprises all business use of office, car and public transport, and supplements an addition 24 Tonnes of carbon offsets purchased separately from Tree Appeal per annum to cover entire domestic and family use.

Above: CRed Carbon Reduction

Atoll signed up in 2008 to the principles of CRed - ie: Local Action for a Global Challenge

"The Earth's climate is changing because of our use of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting fuels. We need to cut our emissions of CO2 by 60% to stop the worst effects. The solution rests in our hands. We can do this together."

CRed Pledge

Atoll Ltd has already initiated a programme of carbon offset saving, and now intends to proceed to gain full UK registration as a 2 Star Carbon Neutral Company in the near future. This will first be achieved through the immediate purchasing of Carbon Offsets to cover both business, home and transport of the Director and employees, and will extend over time into a much more sustainable Action Plan for a Carbon Saving reductions and good practice. This Action Plan will be based on the CRed Benchmarking Tool.

Ian Banks, Director Atoll Ltd

Above: Find out how much carbon dioxide you create in the Governments Act on CO2 Calculator and get a simple, personalised action plan to reduce your carbon footprint.